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Bachelor of Commerce(B.Com) General



  1. To provide the basic and essential knowledge necessary to run socially responsible business organization
  2. To impart certain basic skills and aptitude which will be useful in taking up any particular activity in a business
  3. To provide global view of several industries and other organization and their functions which support the business system
  4. To develop the personality so as to become responsible citizen with greater awareness about the Indian society and its culture


A candidate shall be eligible for the first year of the Degree of Bachelor of Commerce should have passed the Higher Secondary Examination (Academic or vocational stream) conducted by the Government of Haryana (or) an examination accepted as equivalent thereto by the Kurukshetra University. Preference will be given to those who have taken Commerce as a subject in the qualifying examination.

Duration :

The course for the degree of Bachelor of Commerce consists of three academic years divided into six semesters.