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Principal Message

# The global community has reached the moon. But the women education continues to bein imbalance. lt is constant endeavor of Sh. ]ai Ram Vidya Peeth to reduce this imbalanceby providing education to girls. We firmly believe in the saying, when you teach a manyou teach an individual. but when you teach a woman, you teach a whole family andgeneration to come”.


# Keeping this ethos in mind Iai Ram Vidyapeeth has established two education institutions at Lohar Majra. Seth Nayrang Rai Lohia Iai Ram Girls College (permanent affiliated with Kurukshetra University) provides education to the girls in three stream i.e.Arts, Commerce, and Science. Smt. Kesari Devi Lohia Public School (affiliated withCBSE) is established to meet the need of girls students from Nursery to l0+2 class.
# By opening Art and Commerce college for girls we definitely teach a whole family by teaching a girl. But this is not applicable to present age of technology. We can teach a generation to come only ifwe give them technical education. To meet this requirement of a woman education Iai Ram Vidyapeeth has established a women polytechnic at Lohar Majra, Distt Kurukshetra.
Ms.Anju Aggarwal
Smt.Kesri Devi Lohia Public School