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Discipline Rules

  • A student is expected to have high standards of discipline and conduct in a proper manner within and outside the Institute.
  • She shall show due courtesy and consideration to the employees of the Institute, good behavior to his/her fellow students, and respect to the teachers of the Institute and courtesy to the visitors.
  • In case of damage to any building, furniture, apparatus or any other property of the Institute, the damages will be charged from the student or students known to be directly concerned, but if the student(s) who cause the damage are unknown, the cost of damage may be charged equally from all the students of the Institute/class.
  • Students shall be responsible for upkeep of books, apparatus, tools, instruments, materials etc. issued to them.
  • Use of mobile phones in the class room, corridors, labs. And Workshopsis restricited.
  • Ragging in any form inside/outside the Institute campus is banned