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Principal Message

In view of the rapid industrial growth, Polytechnics have to redefine themselves and come with shoulder to shoulder status with the industry. We must keep a tap with the industrial growth and a close interaction with the industry to developed status thereby assuming the role of instructor to the industry to develop human resources which is compatible to today’s world of work from day one. Gone are the days of chalk and dust. We are not to teach the books to the students. We show technology and give practical knowledge to the students.

We show technology and teach them to work with own hands. Such a work culture has to be developed. Labs and Workshops are research oriented. We perform things in labs instead of doing spoon feeding. No sample working but a complete work culture is the need of the day. A level needs to be attained where people from all and abroad should look at us as an image building factor. This should and ought to be our goal as a Polytechnic to bring it to a status of an “Academy”.