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Students will have opportunities to join NSS to develop an understanding of community and inculcate patriotrism. In the recent past,the institute has been organizing blood donation camps,creating awareness in massages regarding environmental up-gradation,road safety and voting rights etc.

NSS Programmes and Activities in Village/Slum Areas with the help of Voluntary Organisations:

#. Adoption of Villages :

  • Contacting of the village and area of project.
  • Survey of the village and area of project.
  • Identification of problems.
  • Completion of project.
  • Evaluation of project.

#. Adoption of Slum Area:

  • Survey of Slum Area.
  • Services in Slum (improvement of life & living conditions).
  • NSS Volunteers for Slum work (matured & skilled students)

#. Day Camps:

  • In order to complete 120 hours of NSS regular work, this camp may be organised selectively in consultation with the Principal of the College concerned.

#. Special Camping Programme :

There are One NSS Units working in this College Every year 50 volunteers of each unit are expected to participate in special camp which is of 7-days’ duration under the following themes:

  • Youth Against Dirt & Disease
  • Youth for Rural Reconstruction
  • Youth for Eco-Development
  • Youth for Mass Literacy
  • Youth for National Integration & Social Harmony