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The Academic Programme


In order to develop the potential in every students the school offers training in many artistic disciplines like clay-modeling, vocal and instrumental music, singing, dancing, drawing, painting, rangoli, Mehndi, stitching, writing and various activities and many other handcraft work

Students are encouraged to show their work in the exhibitions and become accustomed to public performances to done to demonstrate their skill and increase their self confidence


For the well being of students a 10 bedded hospital is there in the school campus .The hospital is full of all facilities require to meet the emergent need of students and staff. A well qualified lady doctor is the incharge of the hospital. Ambulance is available for meeting any eventuality.


Excursions means extra mural training for the students.The main objective of the trips is to promote their educational interest.Apart from covering the entertainment part it helps to promote national unity and integrity. It is a value addition programme for betterment of students. Keeping these things in mind our school organizes the recreational trips from time to time.

NSS (National Service Scheme)

By way of NSS the children have been motivated to the social service which is also no less achievement for the school.The school children act as instrument in bringing about consciousness in rural women towards education, cleanliness and health by organizing NSS Camps.